For a few years I asked my various subjects to markup their portraits.

In commercial photo work we use the term 'markup' to describe the sketched notes we use to instruct retouchers. The notes are usually to the effect of 'remove spots', 'smooth dryness' etc. Sometimes they liquify the body to fix its shape, or move bones around.

I am not a huge fan of excessive retouching. Usually the brand directs the retouching to fit their standard for a 'finished' picture. I thought the models themselves would have a very different opinion about what needs to be fixed.

This is a proof of concept that hasn't yet been pushed far enough.

Cameron L P 1 Cameron L P 2

Cameron L P

Leah 1 Leah 2


Kwe 1 Kwe 2


Fatuma 1 Fatuma 2


Josh B 1 Josh B 2

Josh B

Temirlan A 1 Temirlan A 2

Temirlan A

Connor 1 Connor 2


Denise 1 Denise 2


Isabelle B 1 Isabelle B 2

Isabelle B

Brent B 1 Brent B 2

Brent B

Taija 1 Taija 2


Sofia F 1 Sofia F 2

Sofia F

Jonathan / Red Hook Labs 1 Jonathan / Red Hook Labs 2

Jonathan / Red Hook Labs

Eugene W 1 Eugene W 2

Eugene W

Magda 1 Magda 2


Mekka / RHL 1 Mekka / RHL 2

Mekka / RHL

Sasha F 1 Sasha F 2

Sasha F

Georgia C 1 Georgia C 2

Georgia C

Saskia S 1 Saskia S 2

Saskia S

Meetka 1 Meetka 2


A big thank you to all the contributors that helped me with this project through conversations, feedback, and on-set stuff!

Clay Nielsen, Kat Typaldos, Ivan Shaw, Olivia Giletti, Helena Suric.